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Operation International Impact

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Operation International Impact

Values and Mission Statement

Commitment to Jesus Christ

As servants of Jesus, we submit to the authority of his Word, and to his example in all that we do.

Dependence on God

We acknowledge our personal weakness and our reliance on God. We seek his Spirit’s direction and power through lives of holiness and prayer.

Compassion for People

We endeavor to demonstrate Jesus’ love however we can for example, through friendship, training, nurturing, helping people address their suffering, and bringing hope and healing through physical and spiritual help.

Vibrant Partnerships

We serve others... with others. We value ministry partners, whether missionaries, home staff, national believers, supporting churches and individuals or others. We are determined to bring integrity, respect and value to partnerships that lift up Jesus and his Church, not individuals or organizations.

Global Focus

God values every person in the world and he is accomplishing his global plan. Therefore, we are compelled to reach beyond our personal and organization’s local horizons of ministry to participate in God’s worldwide cause, wherever he might lead.

Our Mission

Ours is a ministry of:


Personal Holiness


Saved, sold out and serving...

We believe that each individual is responsible to God and will answer th God in each of these three areas.

God requires acceptance of His Sons purchase and ownership of our lives. We must first accept the loving gift of His grace and pardon of our sins. We must be saved from our sins which only the blood of Christ could accomplish. We must make Him Lord of our lives.

We must be sold out to Christ’s ownership of all that we are and have.

We must be serving...actively reaching our world for Christ.

Our mission is to reach our world for Christ and bring them to the point where they are able , in turn , to go and do the same through a ministry of the love of Christ to salvation followed with discipleship training with a global emphasis.

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